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  • Get Up To £100 Off At Wiggle!

    Hey If you spend £200 before 2pm on 11th October they’ll give you £40 0ff – just chuck in voucher code SAVE-40 at the checkout. If you spend £500 they’ll only bloody give you £100 off – just chuck in voucher code SAVE-100 at the checkout. Now go on, treat yourself and click here: Wiggle Online Cycle Shop   Read full post
  • Diets Don’t Work

    Lunch yesterday with the parents. Mum’s soup lunch cos “she’s dieting!”   Come on people do you really think that a cup of processed powder is going to be better for you in the long run…….?! Read full post
  • Spend Very Little But Go Very Fast

    Not got a power meter but want to race faster next year?   Read full post
  • Omega 3

    We asked 100 people: “What is the ideal ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 essential fatty acids?” Don’t worry, 98 of them didn’t know either 😉 Whilst planning next year and working out how many ways you can improve on your 2012 results think about how much reading you do; websites like this, Twitter, Facebook, magazines, books. ... Read full post
  • Train Your Weaknesses Not Your Strengths

    We were lucky enough to be chatting to an Elite cyclist at the weekend who, at 60kg, was never going to win any sumo wrestling competitions but we did ask him why he races so many Belgium Kermesses when he is ideally built for hilly races yet they are held on pan flat roads. His answer? “You ... Read full post
  • Lose Weight Quicker

    Ride Slower And Leave The Carbs At Home To Ride Faster And Lose Weight Quicker Ok so, let’s try to keep this simple. When you train hard your main source of energy comes from the food/carb drinks/gels that you have recently eaten/drunk/stuffed down your gob.  Once those carbs hit your bloodstream they are known as glycogen. When you ... Read full post
  • Kermesse Racing In Belgium

    In-Gear Rider Paul Butler gained his 2nd Cat licence last month so with his season goals achieved he jumped on a ferry with Elite team mate Martin Ford to find out first-hand what some of the hardest racing in the world was really like, here’s Paul’s report: Flanders, Saturday 29th September 1pm. As we arrived at our ... Read full post
  • Eat And Drink The Same Yet Still Lose Weight! How?!

    Fancy a glass of vino with your dinner tonight? If the answer’s yes you might have “accidentally”  opened the bottle before you’ve finished cooking (more likely before you’ve even started cooking!). Whereas food has to pass through miles and miles of digestive tubes before it is broken down and reaches the bloodstream, alcohol is absorbed straight from ... Read full post