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  • Bike Fitting – An idiot’s guide

    I’m Paul.  I’m a 39 year old cyclist.  I’ve been cycling for around 6 years and racing for the last 4 during which time I’ve progressed from a very unfit and overweight 4th Cat to a moderately fit and slightly overweight 2nd Cat!  I raced as a teenager and I have always loved cycling even ... Read full post
  • How Many Carbs Do I Need Then?

    So you’ve got a long ride lined up tomorrow but you haven’t for the life of you got a clue how many carbs you need.   Here’s a handy table: 1-2 hour ride up to 30 grams per hour More than 2 hours 60 grams per hour   Water – a bottle (about 500 ml) per hour, more in very hot/humid conditions ... Read full post
  • Group Turbo Training Sessions

    Spaces for our group turbo sessions are filling up fast.   First come first served folks, ping us an email info@pbcyclecoaching.co.uk to reserve.   Check here for details:  http://pbcyclecoaching.co.uk/learn-to-ride-faster Read full post
  • People Don’t Plan To Fail They Fail To Plan

    Do you have a plan of: This week’s riding/training? This month’s riding/training? This year’s goals and objectives? If the answer to any of these is “no” then it’s time to change that right now.   Read full post
  • “I don’t feel like riding when the weather’s miserable” moan moan whinge

    The hardest part of training is getting out the front door. Today was pretty wet, windy and a tad chilly. If you don’t want to go out then promise yourself you’ll do 20 minutes before making your mind up.  99 times out of a hundred once you’re out you’ll want to stay out but you MUST do ... Read full post
  • 3 Top Nutrition Tips

    Confused by all the nutritional advice out there? Follow these 3 rules and you can’t go wrong 1. Can I kill it? Can I eat it? Does it come out of the ground like that? Has it been tampered with or treated? The closer to its natural source the better. In training or a you may choose sports drinks/products instead ... Read full post
  • How To Avoid Crashing!!

    Cycling’s So Much More Fun When You Stay Upright!   We are always in 2 minds whether to cover this through fear of putting people off but then it’s highly unlikely that you weren’t aware of how dangerous road racing can be. So, what can we do make it safer and make you feel more confident? Here ... Read full post
  • Racing Gets In The Way Of Training

    Worried that your first race might be cancelled due to the snow? Worry no more, you’ll get fitter training anyway so jump on the turbo, read on……. Cycling Weekly posted a great article on their website recently about the fact that “racing isn’t training”, re-enforcing what people have been saying for years i.e. “racing gets in the ... Read full post