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  • Additional date for Novice Racers’ Coaching Days – 28th April

    Group Feedback Ardingly **We have a New Date – Sunday 28th April 2019** (The Surrey Cycle Racing League and The South East Road Racing League require that all 4th Cats (Novices) attend two coaching sessions prior to entering)   Clean chains only please. From the first week in May, The Surrey Cycle Racing League put on a wonderful evening series for 4th Category riders every Friday ... Read full post
  • Holiday Without My Bike – No Way!

    It has been 8 days since receiving stitches in my elbow and losing the skin on my hip. 3 days ago I made the mistake of saying out loud :”I think I’ll try riding my bike today” and was subsequently struck with a cold as well. Last night I laid out my cycling kit (ensuring I had a ... Read full post
  • It’s Tough This Racing Lark

    On Sunday I went to Belgium to race another Kermesse. My knee had been playing up and my back was sore so when I saw the weather forecast was severe storms I immediately called my team mate Barny and his other half Susan to explain that: 1. The ferry crossing could be a nightmare 2. Racing the Belgians in gale ... Read full post
  • Kermesse training

    I’m off to Belgium again soon to ride another Kermesse so here is a workout I did on Friday to prepare: Warm up Find a safe, flat bit of road (I stress, safe). Step 1: Sprint out of the saddle as fast as you can, sit down and keep going as fast as you can for about 30 seconds. Step ... Read full post
  • Velopark At The Olympic Park

    “An interesting Hillingdon”   This is how somebody recently described the new closed circuit facility around the Olympic Park (right by the velodrome) and they weren’t far wrong! On Wednesday night I decided to try out this new super smooth surface and to see whether it would have a place in my already pretty full racing schedule.  The appeal ... Read full post
  • Running Advice? Look away now cyclists!

    One of my favourite clients (you’re all my favourites really) has promised that if I give her advice on a running heart rate monitor then she’ll buy a bike – deal! This is just for you Mrs X….. So, you need average heart rate as a feature and, being a Garmin fan, let’s kick things off ... Read full post
  • Flattery Will Get You Everywhere!

    One of my lovely clients just emailed this to all her colleagues: “Last term, Peter e mailed us details about Paul Butler, a personal trainer who was offering one-to-one training sessions.  I have been seeing him once a week on my day off since term started. Up until now,  I have been completely gym phobic – never ... Read full post
  • Race Training At CycloPark

    Are you planning on racing in 2014? Do you want to learn the basics from expert Coaches before trying your hand in “the peloton”? Then read on… I am Assistant Coach on the 27th Oct at CycloPark in Gravesend.  This year instead of 9 races split by category, SERRL will focus more on developing 3rd & 4th & introducing novice ... Read full post
  • Improve Your Power Quickly!!

      Just been out to record a 7 minute TT for University of Greenwich, take a look at this: Last month I did 3 intervals on a local Hill, starting at the 90 degree left hand bend right at the bottom, going left at the top, and left again at the village, stopping outside the church where the road ... Read full post