Turbo Training

Get Fitter Whatever The Weather!

7Oaks tri turbo 1
SDW at leigh turbo
7Oaks Tri Turbo 3

Do you jump on the turbo trainer and struggle to really motivate yourself?

Or, worse still, get home from work and skip the session completely?!

Then maybe you should try one of our turbo training classes.  These are designed to teach about you training zones (heart rate or power) and to motivate you to work harder than you would on your own.  You’ll also be able to talk sprockets and tyres pressures without boring anyone!

We already deliver classes in Leigh near Sevenoaks in Kent on Tuesday evenings and in Sevenoaks on Thursday evenings but if you can get a group together let’s talk about putting on a class JUST FOR YOU

All participants will also be able to test their power regularly on Wattbikes but we can’t promise it won’t hurt!:

Nigel Wattbike
Mark W Wattbike

A few more things you’ll need to know:

You’ll need your own turbo trainer and a heart rate monitor
Current courses last between 6 and 8 weeks

It will cost the equivalent £15 per week so between £90 and £120

In the summer we also go out on the road to find out if you’ve been taking it easy!

Drop us a line and let’s get you fitter than ever

David end of turbo session
Nigel end of leigh turbo