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  • Additional date for Novice Racers’ Coaching Days – 28th April

    Additional date for Novice Racers' Coaching Days - 28th April
    **We have a New Date – Sunday 28th April 2019** (The Surrey Cycle Racing League and The South East Road Racing League require that all 4th Cats (Novices) attend two coaching sessions prior to entering)   Clean chains only please. From the first week in May, The Surrey Cycle Racing League put on a wonderful evening series for 4th Category riders every Friday ...
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  • Which chains make you go fast?

    Which chains make you go fast?
    The Ceramic Speed UFO bicycle chain has a dynamic lubricant coating that can, they claim, save 2-5 watts and costs in excess of £100. Don’t take their word for it though, have a look at these customer 2 reviews on line: “I’m not too proud to say I will chase every watt and the UFO chain ...
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  • Novice Road Race Coaching Days

    Novice Road Race Coaching Days
    “Thank you for a great day! Clearly this is a great thing for aspiring racers to do and it’s a no brainer at £20 a session.” “Just wanted to say a big thanks for the session today, I really enjoyed it” “The course was great today; it was certainly challenging and very informative” “I’ll be urging ...
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  • What Is The Best Road Bike?

    What Is The Best Road Bike?
    Ok so you already knew that you needed a new bike and it is coming to the end of the year and you’ve probably noticed that 2015 bikes are coming down in price as the manufacturers convince us that next year’s model is lighter, stiffer, more aero and more responsive than this years!!  It’s tempting. There’s ...
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  • You Can Always Go Harder

    You Can Always Go Harder
    So the Tour is over for another year, I don’t know what to do between 7pm and 8pm every night (oh yeah, I could go training) and that takes our tally to 3 British wins in 4 years.   When I say ‘our’ tally, I must confess I didn’t play a huge role in this and neither ...
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  • Past Newsletters

    Past Newsletters
    We’ve had lots of people asking to see some of the witty yet educational Newsletters that they missed out on so here you are you lucky things click here and enjoy.   If you’d like to subscribe then you can do so by clicking here
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  • Smash It, Recover And Smash It Again!

    Smash It, Recover And Smash It Again!
    Team Sky’s Geraint Thomas, upon being asked by Bikes Etc. magazine about the Tour de France recently, said: “The Tour is pretty simple – you smash it, recover, then do it all again” We can all learn a lot from this. Other than ‘not to do the Tour de France’ I was thinking more along the lines of ...
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  • Lactate Threshold Testing

    Lactate Threshold Testing
    Strangely, many of you have been asking me how to ride faster lately, so today I am going to tempt you with a little ‘treat’ that might just give you the edge over the skinny guy in your club (because after last week I am sure every one of you has joined a cycle club!) Firstly ...
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