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  • “Oh Do I Have To Go Training?!”

    Cyclist Mag June 2015 OvertrainingJune’s issue of Cyclist Mag features some bloody handy advice on overtraining from some bloody handy Coach 😉     Read full post
  • Novice Road Racing Course

    Barny Benenden Cranbrook 2014Would you like to try your first road race? Or maybe you have raced but you’re getting dropped because you’re not fit enough? Do you feel strong enough but find you’re lacking the skills? Or does it just seem too damn dangerous? In our opinion EVERYONE should take part in a road racing course like ours (Surrey League have now ... Read full post
  • Fatboy Slim

    Steve BodPodBeing a 90kg 41 year old ex-smoking 2nd Cat means I’m often racing against 70kg 21 year olds and, although I’ve had my fair share of success, I realise that even the “giants” of the pro peloton Marcel Kittel (81kg), Andre Greipel (75kg) or 6′ 6” Stijn Vandeburgh (82 kg) are only relative giants in ... Read full post
  • Core!!!

    Cyclist Mag Core May 2015May’s edition of Cyclist Magazine features some wise words on core strength (pg 112) from some so called “Expert” by the name of Paul Butler 😉 Read full post
  • How To Ride A 25 Mile TT In Under An Hour

    If you want to ride for 1 hour at 25 mph then you’ve got to start by riding at 25 mph! Once you have decided on your target speed for your race then you need to practice riding at that pace but (importantly) in your TT position (when the roads are safe to do so).  Where ... Read full post
  • Belgium but upright this time!

    Belguan National ChampBelgium Trip Day 1 Wednesday 17th September   Having had to follow a diversion off the motorway and then being pulled in for a random check by customs I arrived late for my ferry check-in at Dover. Even getting up at bloody 4am isn’t early enough any more! Luckily this wasn’t a problem and I promptly boarded ... Read full post
  • Holiday Without My Bike – No Way!

    It has been 8 days since receiving stitches in my elbow and losing the skin on my hip. 3 days ago I made the mistake of saying out loud :”I think I’ll try riding my bike today” and was subsequently struck with a cold as well. Last night I laid out my cycling kit (ensuring I had a ... Read full post
  • It’s Tough This Racing Lark

    On Sunday I went to Belgium to race another Kermesse. My knee had been playing up and my back was sore so when I saw the weather forecast was severe storms I immediately called my team mate Barny and his other half Susan to explain that: 1. The ferry crossing could be a nightmare 2. Racing the Belgians in gale ... Read full post