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  • I Can’t Be Bothered To Go Out And Train Today

    Unless you’re ill or injured, if ever you are unsure whether to go out and train then always remember: “The hardest part of training is getting out the front door” Go out for 2o mins and then if you still don’t want to be out then we’ll let you go home, but do 20 mins first. Oh and ... Read full post
  • Smoothies Ain’t Such A Smooth Idea

    Ok so take some fruit, mash it up now eat it. Yeah it’s got lots of useful vitamins, minerals, fibre, energy, hydration and stuff in it. Yeah it’s healthy fruit and not a muffin. Yeah it is “good” for recovery as it is easily digestible. And you see plenty of wild animals carrying blenders and smoothie-makers around the jungle or ... Read full post
  • Indoor Road Racing!

    Want to try your first race this winter yet don’t like snow?! Race indoors at the Excel Centre, London. There are races for all categories and the event is between 17th and 20th January. Check out the races here: http://www.londonnocturne.com/raceprogramme.php   Read full post
  • Which Winter Tyre?

    Ok so the roads are getting wetter, there are leaves, twigs and gravel to contend with.  Potholes and rough surfaces are on the horizon (or if you live where we live they never went away!): What tyres do you need for your road bike? Well. first off, there’s no perfect tyre.  Even mountain bikers have crashes and ... Read full post
  • Recovery

    Recovering from a long season?  Or maybe just a hard ride or race? Tried all of these?: Hot cold treatment e.g. sauna/plungepool Stretching Massage or self-massage Compression tights (kinky) No alcohol / caffeine (thought we’d try to sneak that one in) Sleep Plenty of water and fresh natural foods Elevation (no not levitation) go on put your feet up! Ride gently Protein/carbohydrate drink immediately after ride/race ... Read full post
  • Join A Cycle Club Please

    So the nation’s gone cycling bonkers. This is great. Really, this is awesome. There’s a ‘but’ coming isn’t there?! BUT (told you!) We need to ride safely on the road.  No matter who you are you are almost certainly: 1. Not immortal (i.e. a car can kill you) 2. Loved by someone and/or a role model for someone (so wear a bl@@dy ... Read full post
  • The Leg Press

    Ok so we have been asked about whether the leg press is a good exercise and shouldn’t we all be doing squats instead. Well, yes squats are by far one of the most useful, functional, multi-joint, compound, fandabbydozy for cyclists but don’t completely blank the poor leg press machine sitting there all sad in the corner! Leg ... Read full post
  • Lance Armstrong

    Turns out he was right, it’s not about the bike!   Read full post