October 18, 2012

Which Winter Tyre?

Ok so the roads are getting wetter, there are leaves, twigs and gravel to contend with.  Potholes and rough surfaces are on the horizon (or if you live where we live they never went away!):

What tyres do you need for your road bike?

Well. first off, there’s no perfect tyre.  Even mountain bikers have crashes and punctures but you’re a bike rider so you signed that disclaimer when you started riding that said you would accept every crash and puncture that this wonderful sport could throw at you over the years and treat it as “character building” 😉

So, your winter tyre needs to be:

– Puncture resistant

– Grippy

– Hard-wearing

It doesn’t need to be light and offer the least rolling resistance in the world in the same way you shouldn’t be riding your lightest carbon wheels.  The winter is when you get fit to enjoy the summer more.

Money is of course relevant for many so below we haven’t only recommended our overall preference but also a budget version.  Remember though that paying a bit more for something often means it lasts longer (but the laws of “sod” and “Murphy” do mean that you’ll also hit a pothole on day 1 and come home with a gaping hole in it!!).

Our Choice:

Best Winter Tyre:

Continental Gatorskin

Continental GatorSkin Folding Road Tyre

We would ride 23mm but a lot of people ride either 25mm rear and 23mm front or simply 25mm front and rear (if you want a slightly softer ride).  At around 26 of the Queen’s finest pounds (per tyre) and free delivery these are everything you need, just click on this link to buy:

Wiggle Online Cycle Shop .  Once you’ve read about them and their reviews we’re sure you’ll agree they are well worth a go.

Best Winter Tyre On A Budget:

If you need a new winter tyre and your budget is somewhat limited you can still afford Conti’s famous quality by going for the

Continental Ultra Sport 

Continental Ultra Sport Road Tyre

Go for 700 x 23mm or 700 x 25mm if you want a softer ride.  At £12.60 with free delivery they’re cheaper that a round of drinks inside the M25! Click here to buy:

Wiggle Online Cycle Shop

Happy Winter Everyone Ho Ho Ho!

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