Meet The Team

8 teammates in shape. As long as that shape is predominantly round.


Paul Belgium 2022 (2)

Team Leader and Coach, Paul prefers to get his head kicked in over in Belgium than ride a local road race because at 85kg he’d happily drive to the other side of the world to find a flat race!  Oh, and then he can also pretend he did better than he did as nobody will know any different!


Rich and Benard Hinault

Rich would sell his kids to get a photo of one of his cycling heroes and then remind you about it for years to come.  An ex 3-time National South African Champion, the way Rich rides nowadays, however, makes us wonder if either South African racing was much easier back then or, hang on a minute, maybe it was because he was 20kg lighter!!


Stuart France 2022

The team’s ‘numbers man’, Stuart has a meticulous and numerical approach which has helped him achieve incredible gains in his fitness, tactics, skills and confidence.  For example, here he is pictured measuring and recording how large his arms have got after one of his many ‘social’ holidays……


Michael Goodwood 2022 (5)

Michael has the ability to do extremely well in races and not just the ones where we didn’t know it was a race until afterwards.  Fortunately, if he doesn’t do well in a real race,  physically gifted Michael can tell you how well he has done instead.


Jon fixing puncture France

Jon can climb Mont Ventoux faster than he can change an inner tube which means he’s either really quick at climbing or………. One way to get him to do anything quicker however, is to make sure there’s a long lunch at the end of it.  How he keeps his figure is anyone’s guess.


Jeremy dancing France (2)

If Jeremy could dance on the pedals as enthusiastically as he dances on team training camps then he’d hold significantly more KOMs than he already does.  Instead, he has to rely on his extensive weather research, in particular, on tailwinds.


Alex Banana France

Alex is a big believer in the power of nutrition, whether it be for energy, muscle growth or recovery and repair. We assume therefore that his world-class antioxidant levels (from significant amounts of wine) and fondness of fruit, in particular grapes (from even more wine) are also part of his master plan.


Mick cornering France

Mick corners like he is on rails, a joy to watch and an example of how you can cycle faster without even turning the pedals, handy really because that’s exactly how he trains.