October 25, 2012

Smoothies Ain’t Such A Smooth Idea

Ok so take some fruit, mash it up now eat it.

Yeah it’s got lots of useful vitamins, minerals, fibre, energy, hydration and stuff in it.

Yeah it’s healthy fruit and not a muffin.

Yeah it is “good” for recovery as it is easily digestible.

And you see plenty of wild animals carrying blenders and smoothie-makers around the jungle or forest don’t you?  Don’t you?

There is a reason why these fruits don’t come off a tree as a blinking milkshake!  Your digestive system uses muscles, enzymes and energy to break down this food so by chewing it and then letting your body break it down you are keeping the digestive system fit and healthy.

What’s more you use more calories breaking down an apple if Kenwood hasn’t done it for you!  What does that mean?  You lose weight!

Now you don’t have to spend £200 to save 100 grams on a new saddle any more 😉

Nutrition , Weight Loss
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