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  • The Importance Of Taking Time Off From Training

    So you have been preparing all season for L’Etape or La Marmotte (which you successfully dragged your body around) or you’ve been racing hard and now the weather has decided that the season is over!  Some of you have some late season races, winter crits, hill-climbs or sportives of course as cycling has become so ... Read full post
  • The Importance Of A Training Partner

    John: “It’s raining today I think I’ll give the ride a miss, I’ve got no motivation.” Fred: “You big girl’s blouse, man up and get your lazy fat backside out the front door, don’t you dare let me down, I’ll be waiting outside the Post Office for you!”         Read full post
  • New To Cycling? Should You Shave Your Legs?!

    First of all why on earth do cyclists shave their legs? Pro cyclists say they shave their legs for 2 reasons: 1. If they crash and cut themselves (otherwise known as road rash) then hairs (which carry germs) might encourage the spread of an infection into the open wound. 2. They receive regular massages (sometimes up to twice ... Read full post
  • Cycle Racing Categories Explained

    When you enter your first race you are automatically a 4th Category rider, otherwise known as a 4th Cat. Roughly speaking you get 10 points for a win down to 1 point for 10th place (roughly). If you get 10 points in a season (1st Dec to 30 Nov) then you become a 3rd Cat. Once you’re a ... Read full post
  • Cycle Training In The Rain

    Did you get caught in the rain today? If you ever need motivation when out riding in the cold and the rain like today remember you’ll be one up as some of your rivals won’t be! Winter’s coming and some of your competitors (non-racers these might simply be your mates who you’d like to thrash on the ... Read full post
  • How Get A Free £15 Gift Voucher At Wiggle And Save £400 All At Once!!

    Spend £100 or more at Wiggle  this month and they reckon they’ll give you a £15 gift voucher to use in October. What’s that?  You can’t think of anything to buy?  Don’t be ridiculous: Cinelli Experience Tiagra 2012 List price £1,099.99 SAVE 36% = £400.00 Your Wiggle price: £699.99 Read full post
  • How To Stretch

    Cyclists spend a lot of time hunched over the bike and the act of cycling means that your muscles contract (and therefore shorten) thousands of times every hour. Stretching after riding keeps our muscles from shortening. Increasing our flexibility enables us to not only stay comfortable on our bikes and put out as much power as we ... Read full post
  • What Are Electrolytes?

    You know when you’ve just had diahhorea you can buy a powder in a sachet which you mix with water to replace the electrolytes (we thought that’d get your attention!) ?  Well, when you sweat you lose electrolytes too but what are they??  If these sports drinks come with electrolytes in or if you can ... Read full post