September 24, 2012

Cycle Racing Categories Explained

When you enter your first race you are automatically a 4th Category rider, otherwise known as a 4th Cat.

Roughly speaking you get 10 points for a win down to 1 point for 10th place (roughly).

If you get 10 points in a season (1st Dec to 30 Nov) then you become a 3rd Cat.

Once you’re a 3rd Cat you can never go back down to 4th Cat (i.e. a life of misery begins here).  Therefore you can can score no points in a season yet remain a 3rdCat.

Each time you get promoted your points are wiped clean and you start at zero but you can go up as many categories as you like each season.

To go from 3rd to 2nd Cat you need 40 points.  To keep your 2nd Cat licence you need 25 points each season (but remember you are now racing against 2nd Cats

To go from 2nd to 1st you need 200 points and then to get to Elite (the top level) you need more than you’ll remember right now.

Now go and do some training and email us if you want to find our where your nearest race is for this weekend!

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