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  • How to Suffer On A Bike

    Imagine you are going up a hill, your legs are heavy, burning and screaming, your breathing is deeper, quicker and heavier than before, in fact you are wondering if you are ever going to take in enough oxygen again. You look at your Garmin for reassurance that it is quite steep or some other fancy ... Read full post
  • Hever Castle Triathlon

    Now don’t get worried, we’re not going to start talking about which goggles let in the least water or start telling you that running burns the most calories, we just wanted to tell you that we’re really exciting to be supporting entrants of the www.castletriathlonseries.co.uk and we look forward to coaching some of them. For those ... Read full post
  • Annnnnnd sleep

    Sleep is good for you. Sleep helps you recover. It helps you avoid illness and overtraining. It helps your muscles to grow and it helps you lose fat. Why then do you spend £250 to save 100 grams on your saddle but you don’t try to improve the quality of your sleep. ZZZZZzzzz tips: 1. No caffeine after 1pm (there could ... Read full post
  • But Running Burns More Calories Than Cycling?!

    Due to the fact that when you run you have to lift your entire body weight off the floor and when you cycle your (not fat) rear end is resting on a saddle, a lot of these so called “experts” publish tables telling you that running burns more calories than cycling. We feel the ... Read full post
  • Belgium For the Price Of A local Road Race!!

    Last weekend a friend and I decided to jump in the car, jump on a ferry and hop across to Merelbeke, just south of Gent in Belgium.  Of course we were not there to sample the beers, the mussels or the frites, we were there to ride a Kermesse, in other words one of the toughest ... Read full post
  • Pick Yourself Up, Brush Yourself Off, And la la la la la la

    Great quote from @Sports_Greats recently: ” Everyone falls down. Only the best get back up.” Maybe you’ve had a crash and it has knocked your confidence? Or you’ve picked up an injury, cold or virus? Or maybe you trained as hard as you could yet still took a kicking at the local race or had to walk up “The ... Read full post
  • Pedal In Circles Not Squares

    Pedalling in circles is not a natural thing to do!   When you first start cycling you typically press on the pedals in the range from 2 O’clock to 6 O’clock Elite riders apply power over a greater range; say 12 O’Clock to 7 O’clock   You need to use different muscles to do this Try the following drills: 1) Scraping mud ... Read full post
  • Produce More Power AND Look Good On The Beach!

    The TVA Muscle The Transverse Abdominus or TVA is a core muscle which runs deep inside the front and side abdominal walls. It is the body’s natural weight-lifting belt as when we go to lift something it contracts to protect the back by keeping the spine and pelvis stable.  If it doesn’t “switch on” however it can ... Read full post