April 24, 2013

But Running Burns More Calories Than Cycling?!

Due to the fact that when you run you have to lift your entire body weight off the floor and when you cycle your (not fat) rear end is resting on a saddle, a lot of these so called “experts” publish tables telling you that running burns more calories than cycling. We feel the need to comment (as always):

– The higher the intensity the more calories you use. End of.
– There are no fat marathon runners true but last time we looked we couldn’t see any fatties at the Tour de France either!
– Going running won’t make you as good a cyclist as going cycling (duh).
– Even if you did use say 50 more calories in a run than a cycle that’s about 1 biscuit! Have you thought instead about doing the activity that you enjoy the most (clearly cycling) and then eating an apple instead?!

Best we stop now.

Cycle Training , Weight Loss
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