August 21, 2013

How to Suffer On A Bike

Imagine you are going up a hill, your legs are heavy, burning and screaming, your breathing is deeper, quicker and heavier than before, in fact you are wondering if you are ever going to take in enough oxygen again. You look at your Garmin for reassurance that it is quite steep or some other fancy data yet you cannot read it as your eyes are blurred, partly with tears, partly with sweat and partly with the light-headedness that you’re experiencing. You would happily exchange your house, car, wife and kids if someone allowed you to stop but you can’t as there are people at the side of the road cheering, watching, wondering if they could do better. A bizarre mix of pride, stubbornness, madness, endorphins, adrenaline and avoiding embarrassment keeps you going. You are hurting in a way that makes 10 seconds feel like 10 hours. It doesn’t help to know that when you get to the top of that climb you have to ascend it 9 more times in the next 3 hours. You are really doubting why you do this as a hobby, other people go down the pub and play pool! You get over that climb. In 5 seconds you have already forgotten how much it hurts. You will remember again soon, however….

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