October 1, 2013

Improve Your Power Quickly!!


Just been out to record a 7 minute TT for University of Greenwich, take a look at this:

Last month I did 3 intervals on a local Hill, starting at the 90 degree left hand bend right at the bottom, going left at the top, and left again at the village, stopping outside the church where the road runs out.  All in the saddle.  My best time of the 3 was 7 mins 32 secs.

Today my target was to beat my current (wattage) PB for 7 mins which I did.  Once I had completed the 7 mins I was clearly spent but I ROLLED up to the church anyway and reached it in 7 mins 14 secs!!

This suggests 2 things:

1.  Training like this is already making me stronger by quite a margin
2. I am keeping the power on at times where I might have eased up unknowingly.

Unreal 😉

What’s that you want to know my power?  Next you’ll be asking me to publish my blood data!

Cycle Training
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