March 22, 2013

How Many Carbs Do I Need Then?

So you’ve got a long ride lined up tomorrow but you haven’t for the life of you got a clue how many carbs you need.


Here’s a handy table:

1-2 hour ride up to 30 grams per hour

More than 2 hours 60 grams per hour


Water – a bottle (about 500 ml) per hour, more in very hot/humid conditions – a bit like the last few months then yeah right!!


All very well but what does that mean?


High 5 gel has 26g carbs per 60ml sachet (they recommends 3 sachets per hour)

Lucozade lite has only 10g carbs per 500ml bottle – Why have the lite versions?!! Defeats the object!!

Go Electrolyte powder gives 37g of carbs per serving (2 scoops)

A banana is 20 to 30 grams depending on size 000er missus


By the way, there are electrolytes to consider but that’s the next blog…..


There you go, simples.

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