March 16, 2013

“I don’t feel like riding when the weather’s miserable” moan moan whinge

The hardest part of training is getting out the front door.

Today was pretty wet, windy and a tad chilly.

If you don’t want to go out then promise yourself you’ll do 20 minutes before making your mind up.  99 times out of a hundred once you’re out you’ll want to stay out but you MUST do the first 20 minutes before deciding.  Your key event of the year won’t be moved if it’s raining after all.

If you’re too cold, it’s too dangerous or you’re getting soaked through then be sensible, come home or simply don’t spend too long out there and pick a few loops that keep you close to your home.

It also helps if you structure a session on days like today, such as a hill reps session (ride back down with care though!).  You can “enjoy the scenery and being in the open air” on nicer days 🙂

Now if you missed today, get out there tomorrow, or better still do both (good luck with the divorce!)

Cycle Training
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