October 12, 2012

The Leg Press

Ok so we have been asked about whether the leg press is a good exercise and shouldn’t we all be doing squats instead.

Well, yes squats are by far one of the most useful, functional, multi-joint, compound, fandabbydozy for cyclists but don’t completely blank the poor leg press machine sitting there all sad in the corner!

Leg Presses can be done in conjunction with squats especially if, say you have no squat rack/spotter you could squat until it becomes too unsafe to continue (e.g before you can’t get back up or before you can’t press the bar back over your shoulders) then finish your legs off to failure on leg press.

OR – Do dumbell squats but people’s posture suffers here as you’re pulled forward so be careful.

OR – One legged leg press (say that after a few pints ahem of protein shake of course!) can help you bring the weak leg up to scratch if one legged squats are too much for you.

BUT – Never neglect squats, even just body weight squats, please.

A Personal Trainer might be a good call at this point check out www.paulbutlerfitness.com.

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