October 3, 2012

Lose Weight Quicker

Ride Slower And Leave The Carbs At Home To Ride Faster And Lose Weight Quicker

Ok so, let’s try to keep this simple.

When you train hard your main source of energy comes from the food/carb drinks/gels that you have recently eaten/drunk/stuffed down your gob.  Once those carbs hit your bloodstream they are known as glycogen.

When you train easy your body’s primary source of fuel is fat.

If you train easy you’ll still no doubt go up the odd hill or get chased by a dog or try to get in the slipstream of a bus and this big effort may well draw some energy from glycogen not fat.

If you train easy with water only then there will be a lot less glycogen in your body so you’ll use more fat.

So you lose weight (and the right weight i.e. fat not muscle).


And and and when you then race or push yourself on the road with carb drinks/gels you’ll feel like you’re getting a mega energy fix as you haven’t used any in training!

And and and if you’re in a race or pushing yourself on the road and you drop/forget/can’t reach/run out of carb drinks / gels your body won’t let you down as it will be used to drawing energy from fat.

Happy Days

BUT but but train hard without glycogen and you’ve probably got a little less than an hour in you so get topped up with those carbs within 20 minutes of that workout/race/bus chasing session 😉

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