19/02/19 PB Cycle Coaching Newsletter

Additional date for Novice Racers’ Coaching Days – 28th April

**We have a New Date – Sunday 28th April 2019**

(The Surrey Cycle Racing League and The South East Road Racing League require that all 4th Cats (Novices) attend two coaching sessions prior to entering)  

Clean chains only please.
From the first week in May, The Surrey Cycle Racing League put on a wonderful evening series for 4th Category riders every Friday at Dunsfold Aerodrome (The Top Gear test track!) in Cranleigh near Guildford. Being a flat course with no corners, and with none of those pesky 3rd Cats to lift the pace, this is the perfect introduction to racing.

Ardingly Showground.
Enter now on Rider HQ:

Enter 23rd Feb Here FULL
Enter 23rd March Here FULL

Enter 28th April Here

Drop me a line if you’re looking for races that you can do in the meantime and I’ll go through the BC calendar with you. 

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Additional date for Novice Racers’ Coaching Days – 28th April
19/02/19 PB Cycle Coaching Newsletter

Which chains make you go fast?

The Ceramic Speed UFO bicycle chain has a dynamic lubricant coating that can, they claim, save 2-5 watts and costs in excess of £100.

Don’t take their word for it though, have a look at these customer 2 reviews on line:

“I’m not too proud to say I will chase every watt and the UFO chain promises anything between 2-5 watts extra. In my experience Ceramic Speed do not promise anything they have not backed up research and hard data. I have been using a UFO chain now for a couple of seasons and have only good things to say about it – perfect performance from the chain and PBs from me speak for themselves!”

I dyed my hair green the other day and beat John up a hill….it was definitely the hair.

“I have no idea about the performance gains but the chain stayed so clean throughout rubbish conditions for about three hundred kilometres of use.”


I think he means there’s probably more chance of actually seeing a UFO.

Clean your chain, oil your chain, replace your chain regularly, replace your cassette when you replace your chain (oooh controversial) and if all of this UFO stuff is a bit alien to you, don’t fret, you’re not missing out on much.

Use the surplus cash to get a sports massage so you can be told to stretch your quads/hamstrings more ?


Friends can avoid 4th Cat tats by clicking right here.

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Which chains make you go fast?