February 19, 2019

Which chains make you go fast?

Which chains make you go fast?

The Ceramic Speed UFO bicycle chain has a dynamic lubricant coating that can, they claim, save 2-5 watts and costs in excess of £100.

Don’t take their word for it though, have a look at these customer 2 reviews on line:

“I’m not too proud to say I will chase every watt and the UFO chain promises anything between 2-5 watts extra. In my experience Ceramic Speed do not promise anything they have not backed up research and hard data. I have been using a UFO chain now for a couple of seasons and have only good things to say about it – perfect performance from the chain and PBs from me speak for themselves!”

I dyed my hair green the other day and beat John up a hill….it was definitely the hair.

“I have no idea about the performance gains but the chain stayed so clean throughout rubbish conditions for about three hundred kilometres of use.”


I think he means there’s probably more chance of actually seeing a UFO.

Clean your chain, oil your chain, replace your chain regularly, replace your cassette when you replace your chain (oooh controversial) and if all of this UFO stuff is a bit alien to you, don’t fret, you’re not missing out on much.

Use the surplus cash to get a sports massage so you can be told to stretch your quads/hamstrings more ?


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