July 31, 2015

You Can Always Go Harder

You Can Always Go Harder

So the Tour is over for another year, I don’t know what to do between 7pm and 8pm every night (oh yeah, I could go training) and that takes our tally to 3 British wins in 4 years.   When I say ‘our’ tally, I must confess I didn’t play a huge role in this and neither did you (sadly neither Wiggo nor Froomey have clicked on this ‘subscribe to this newsletter button’ yet but your friends can!).

6 years ago when Sir Dave stated that we would have a British winner on a British team in 5 the next 5 years the other nations laughed at us.  Now they just throw liquids, insults and accusations.

The point is though that we can learn a lot from Dave Brailsford.  When someone tells you that you can’t do something it doesn’t mean you should stop trying.  When I was trying to lose weight people still offered me sweets and cakes and when I stopped smoking they still offered me cigarettes.  When your mates drop you on a climb or you get shelled out the back of the bunch in a race it doesn’t mean it’s time to quit.

It might be time to man up but it’s never time to quit.  You have only failed when you stop trying.

Work out what you have to do to make the difference:
Do you need to eat differently in order to lose weight?
Do you need to follow a regular stretching and core routine to get more ‘aero’ on your bike?
Do you need to train harder to be able to produce more power?
Or do you need to go to bed early to help your recovery?

You can control all of these changes because you are changing the process not the outcome.

If, however, your plan today is to meet a few mates after work, down a couple of beers, hop on the train home and have a few glasses of vino, dinner and then sit in front of the telly with your other half until the early hours with a bowl of kettle chips then it’s no wonder you’re getting dropped on the Saturday ride!

(Other types of chips are available)

You get out of this sport what you put into it.  You may need to do all of the above, I certainly do!!

Leave work, do your stretches, eat your fish and vegetables, drink loads of water, get some sleep, SMASH the sh*t out of everyone on the road tomorrow, eat a healthy meal, drink loads more water and do some more stretching and then AND ONLY THEN treat yourself to those beers.

By the way, smashing the hell out of your mates, or a race, after they have smashed you to pieces week in week out is more of a buzz than any amount of beer, wine and kettle chips will ever be.  Yet you can have both!!

My clients will confirm this too; shift a couple of kilos, train a bit harder and you’ll gain some confidence as well as speed.  Your limits are determined by your head not your body remember.

If, like me, you reckon you only get one bash at this whole ‘life’ thing then get out there and start living it.


Novice Road Race Coaching

What a success, thanks for your support everyone; we now only have spaces left on the final 2 coaching days (Sun 30th Aug and Sun 20th Sept) so we are in the process of arranging more dates/venues.  Watch this space or click here.

Have a great week and remember, you can always go harder 😉


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