September 1, 2012

What Is Nutrition?

Strange question.  Surely You’re Referring To Our Coffee And Cake Stop?!

We all know at least one really skinny guy who can eat what he/she wants and never gains weight and we might even be a little jealous (ok very jealous) but there’s more to food than whether it makes us fat or not.

Macro And Micro Nutrients

Following their Sunday morning 100 mile ride you often here something like this whilst the rider is tucking into cake, a chocolate bar and a latte: “The good news about training for L’Etape is you can eat as much rubbish as you like without putting on any weight!”

Imagine you own a Ferrari. Fill it up with petrol and you’ve got a 180 mph supercar (sorry car geeks we’re only guessing the top speed here!). Now imagine it rains and there’s no wiper fluid or water. Imagine there is no air in the tyres, no oil, no water in the radiator. It is not simply a case of putting petrol in the tank any more, you’re going nowhere!

The petrol is our carbohydrate (or energy) but if we paid attention to the other important nutrients, not only would we get ill less often, sleep better, improve our concentration, our moods and our energy levels, improve the quality of our complexion, hair and nails, we’d recover quicker from training and build more muscle and burn more fat BUT ALSO we’d be much better bike riders for it!!! This sounds like a wonder drug (oops sore subject) but food is soooo much more powerful than you give it credit for.

Along with carbohydrate we need proteins and fats. These three are known as our macronutrients. We also need vitamins, minerals and fibre in there two, known as our micronutrients. Oh and it might be a good idea to throw a fair bit of water in there too!

So whether you want to improve your performance or lose weight (or more likely both), click on the tabs above to read more.

Nutrition , What Is Nutrition?
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