September 13, 2013

VO2 Max Testing Day 2.

My Legs Haven’t Felt Like This In A While

Today I took part in my first ever VO2 Max test.

This was basically a step test at Medway University:

– I ride my turbo at 150 watts and then every minute they increase the resistance (and therefore the required wattage) by 20 watts and I keep pedalling until I can’t any more/pass out/die.

– A mask is attached to my mouth throughout to record how much oxygen I am taking in each minute.

– The power level I reach is recorded and I learn to walk again!

You know when you can’t go any further but you somehow manage to find another 30 seconds or even a minute from somewhere really deep inside?  Well, it’s like that except that the next minute has to HARDER than the previous one.

Some people call this a ramp test.  A ramp test is actually where the require wattage is increased on a gradual curve instead of here where it was in 20 watt jumps.

Either way, it’s a maximal effort, it’s to failure, it hurts, my head hurts, my arms hurt, my shoulders hurt, my pride hurts (they don’t tell you but you know someone has gone further than you, you can just tell).  It’s a race which NEVER has a finish line.  Nobody ever beats the machine.


Now we have some numbers:

Although I’m not allowed to know them, we now know:

My VO2 max (the maximum volume of oxygen that my body is able to take in when I’m working at my limit) and more importantly….

The power that I am able to generate at my VO2 max.

Now I have to go and ride/race/get blind drunk, do whatever riding I would normally do and record the power data.  Then on Weds the “proper” testing begins!



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