April 6, 2015

SERRL Cyclopark 3rds/4ths 6th April

SERRL Cyclopark 3rds/4ths 6th April

By Alex.


Monday SERRL 3/4 at the Cyclopark. What a lovely day for a bike ride! The race started and strait away I was trying to work out what lap I’d get dropped on … “stop being a girl and get to the front” … “oh, I’m at the front again”. Mind over matter.

Every attack was chased down pretty quickly, until the last lap when everyone that was chasing attacks broke off just after I had put in an attack which left me whacked and back in the bunch…not the best timing then.

Finished 12th, one thing I did notice was a lack hair on the top placed riders legs…perhaps it’s time :'(

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