March 15, 2015

SERRL Brenchley 15th March 2015

SERRL Brenchley 15th March 2015

By Alex

Great day today, thanks for everyone’s support.

When I first saw the hill, I thought “what’s all the fuss about?” I wasn’t saying that by lap 6! Keeping myself at the front of the group at the base of the climb in the hope I’d still be on the back by the top.

With 2 laps to go Trevor and myself were working well chasing and keeping a good position in the group. I dropped my water bottle at the base of the hill which might have shelled some weight but didn’t do my hydration any good but a quick shout to the team and I had a bottle waiting on the next lap.

Me and Trevor found ourselves just off the back on the climb and worked super hard to get back on and move up for the last climb where Trevor got 10th over the line and myself coming in 20th.

Whatever was in that water bottle Barney? I need!! Lessons learnt today…take more sugar and train more hills. Happy with how it all turned out and thanks again for all the support.

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