March 12, 2013

Racing Gets In The Way Of Training

Worried that your first race might be cancelled due to the snow?

Worry no more, you’ll get fitter training anyway so jump on the turbo, read on…….

Cycling Weekly posted a great article on their website recently about the fact that “racing isn’t training”, re-enforcing what people have been saying for years i.e. “racing gets in the way of training”.

But haven’t people been “racing themselves fit” for a long time, even the pros.  Yes and look no further than our very own Brad Wiggins.  Once he started training harder and racing less (Shane Sutton will back us up here – please?!) we all know what happened.  Ok some racing needs to be mixed in there too but let’s look at why training will make you faster than racing:

1.  When you race you are trying to stay out the wind and as fresh as possible

2. You would never consider riding as hard as you physically could mid-race until you completely blew up and had to go home

3. Even if you race “really hard” and then “just ride your bike” between races you could lose any adaptations (i.e. fitness) that you gained before the next race.

4. Now for the big one – if you want to race at 25 mph for half an hour and you are only able to hold 23 mph then you won’t suddenly make that jump in a race, you need to start by trying to ride at 25 mph for one minute, then two minutes etc get our drift?  Eventually, by training at race pace in short blocks you’ll get there 🙂

Don’t believe us, take a look at the whole article, it’s a cracker



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