September 18, 2013

My Name Is Paul And I Am A Lab Rat

Since being lent a PowerTap powermeter by The University of Greenwich (Medway Campus) I have been recording my power data at races and during training, downloading the Garmin data to Garmin Connect and sending the data to Bettina, my firm but fair contact at the lab.

Yesterday was the last of my lab tests (at least for a while); I had to ride 3 time trials (not one Wiggo, three!):

The power I reached at my VO2 max last week (which remains a secret to me) was used to set the resistance on the turbo trainer this time.  I had to ride:

The first time trial at 80% of my power at VO2 max (i.e. ride for as long as I could).

The second time trial at 100% of my power at VO2 max.

The third time trial at 105% of my power at VO2 max.

These numbers were approximate as Bettina kindly used her expertise to adjust the resistance if she didn’t feel I was asphyxiating enough!  Between each test I had a 30 min rest.

Not having a finish line was an absolute killer each time and, although I gave it my best shot I felt like I was pedalling through treacle on that last one.  Afterwards she did let me see my Garmin numbers and I was pleased to see I was putting out some numbers that made me feel slightly less inadequate than I did during the test.

So, what now.  Interesting I said to Bettina that if I knew there was a finish line 100 metres up the road I could have gone for longer but she argued that I’d still reached VO2 max on each time trial regardless and that made her happy!

Although I still for the life of me don’t know what we’re doing with the data I now need to go out on the road (not indoors, thanks weather) and perform the following:

3 rides which include a 12 min, a 7 min and a 3 min flat out time trial.

3 rides of 3 mins flat out

3 rides of 7 mins flat out

3 rides of 12 mins flat out

As a Coach and Personal Trainer I would like to point out that these rides will of course include a warm-up, a cool down and some stretching!

Wish me luck!

Read more about PowerTaps here

Read more about the Garmin Edge 500 here

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