May 8, 2015

Hove Park Crits

Hove Park Crits
By Chris.
Hove Park Crit # 1 – Cat 4
 I raced this small circuit once last year and knew that to race well here was all about lungs and legs, I thought I was fitter than last year so hoped for a good result.
 There were about 30 riders on the start line, looking forward to racing a narrow greasy 1k loop with a tight corner just before the one hill on the circuit – plus a van parked on the circuit to dodge.
 First five minutes – “this is alright, ill save my legs on the hill, use wheels and hide in the pack and attack on the hill with a few to go…”  The next ten minutes picked up and riders were dropping off the back, I looked behind me to see no-one! Shit! I made an effort to regain a riders wheel to get back to the pack while the pace eased slightly for a few laps. The pace picked up again so the stragglers couldn’t make it back to the pack but I was on, 5 to go and it started to ease again as if waiting for a move, 3 to go everyone went, heart rate throughout the roof I just had to hang in there… Sprint? nah, legs like bricks I came over the line in 9th. Race plan? What race plan?

Cat 2/3 By Paul

Friday night saw the return of the Hove Park Crit series with Barny and Alex going in the 2/3 race.  With wet corners and a sweeping leave-covered bend through the trees, caution was required in the first few laps.

Yeah right!

This is a bike race and a bike race is never slow so, with half the field dropped, Barny and his compatriots were left to contest the points, earning him a well deserved 6th place.  That boy is on fire (bit too camp?!).


Race Reports
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