March 21, 2015

Hillingdon 4ths

Hillingdon 4ths

21st March 2015

By Steve

the race today was a huge deal for me,
my target for the year was to finish (not get dropped) a 4th cat race at hillingdon, its a flat circuit with no hills to speak of so no excuses to be had,
and here it was, had i really got any fitter or any stronger, i had got a little lighter but even the scales were playing tricks on me this morning, 90kg again..!! surely not..!!
so after the boss mans relentless offerings of “warm up” “start at the front” i warmed up well before the race, sat on the start line ready to go exactly where i wanted to be, i was seriously out of excuses now..!!
away we go..!!!!!
i rode it effing perfect!!
top 10 or 15 holding my position or moving up when needed, confident, cornered great, felt great, it was great..!!
stayed with the increase in pace on the last lap and finished on the back of the sprint passing people, yes passing people..!!! 🙂
finished and achieved everything id set out too, so im a very happy man.
but the reason iv written this is not really to tell you about the race,
its to offer you all a huge
you have battered and beaten me on training rides all winter, constantly giving me help, advice and support, waiting for me at the top of climbs when it was bloody freezing, making me feel welcome and part of the team when i was thinking i was just holding you up, so to all of you thank you, its been a real pleasure riding with you.
got to give the boss man a special mention, as my coach he has kept me going when needed and couldn’t of done it without him..!!
(Paul) Rich B is too modest to tell you all he finished 8th and collected his first 2 points of 2015 and his first points ever in the UK.  Onwards and upwards Rich, Fab ride.
(Paul) Equally as impressive as the rides by these 2 chaps today were the comments of their team mates:
“Steve had an awsome ride and I think he is a true example of perseverance.
And is an example that you will reap your rewards with good honest hard work”

“Steve, it’s a tried and tested formula:

(Training + hard work) x (racing + team mates) = happiness

So chuffed you have achieved your goal so early in the season, but are you now going to keep up the good work?…or ‘do a Wiggo’ (take 6 months off to let your achievement soak in, drink beer, buy a suit, and grow a beard) ?”


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