May 3, 2015

Hillingdon 3rds/4ths

Hillingdon 3rds/4ths

By Steve.

Sun 3rd May 2014

Sunday was my 1st foray into a race involving 3rd cats, not vets just good old slim, fit, young bastard ones..!!
on arriving at the circuit i immediately bumped into Richard G, skin suited up looking very lean and ready for action, Mmmmm this is going to be fun i thought to myself..!!
again i was at the front on the line, getting good at that bit..;)
race started and found i handled it pretty well, quite a few dropped out over the first half of the race, it did feel quite fast in patches but i was never really in any trouble, mind you i was never really likely to be troubling the points either, moved up a couple of times but the effort used to get there then made it quite hard for me to maintain the position, the bunch was pretty well packed so you could easily find you’d lost only a few places but be near the back, on the plus side you could make a few and be in the top 15,
Rich G certainly lived up to the lean skin suit look, he was away in a few breaks that didn’t stay away, then he made a solo effort off the front and got a decent gap..!!
turns out he had misread the lap board and thought it was 1 to go, it was actually 5 or so,
on the last lap the pace went right up, i was following a train around the outside thinking this is ok, saw rich on the inside moving up,
then came the shouts screams crash and bangs as 4 or so went down in front of me, another went straight on over the verge over the bars and disappeared into the undergrowth, it was very funny…!! lol (he was ok)
i was detached and came home off the back but happy with my efforts,
Richard sprinted in for 10th and to get back in especially after the solo effort was a great result for him,

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