March 28, 2015

Hillingdon 2nds/3rds

Hillingdon 2nds/3rds

By Paul.

I was more than a little ‘angry’ after last week’s shannanigans but the phrase “horses for courses” had been going around and around in my head all week and I was looking forward to racing at Hillingdon, one of my favourite stomping grounds.

I even got to wear shorts, compared to racing in Antarctica last week and, despite my knees turning blue, it felt comparatively like a friggin’ heatwave!

My plan was to go with the attacks and then try to nip off the front on a ‘make or break’ attack in the closing laps.

I did just that……other than an early break which was too early for this big engine I either went with or jumped across to pretty much everything.  I enjoyed seeing people out of breath when I was hardly trying and I enjoyed how easily I moved around the peloton.  In the end though I never really got in a group that was prepared to bury itself as much as I was so with 4 laps to go I went away with a small group in my last gasp attempt.  Or so I thought.  With the same reluctance from riders to push on we were swiftly caught and then with 3 to go another pair jumped off the front.  I was still deep in the red but, as the saying that I’ve just made up goes: “out the front or out the back” so I tried to bridge across.  Just as we passed the “2 to go” lapboard I’d almost made the junction when my head told me that my legs didn’t want to play any more!

shit.  shame.

I’m determine not to let my head beat me next week but on this occasion I got swallowed up by the peloton and dropped at the bell.

I had so much fun today.

I raced the race.  I made decisions that I could make because I was fit and I loved every minute of it.

Mojo restored and possibly the best I’ve ever ridden at Hillingdon 🙂




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