April 6, 2015

Hillingdon 234 Crits 4th April

By Paul.


This Saturday I rode, for the second consecutive week, in the 234 crits at Hillingdon.
With a similar plan to last week of staying near the front and going with the moves I did just that so in a field of 90 and a host of lean and handy looking riders it was always going to be fast and frantic.  Once again this week I was pleased with how I defended my position at the front for most of the race.
One particular move had 4 of us gaining a gap and we were beginning to work together when a dog walker was arguing with a spectator ON THE CIRCUIT so we had to ease it back unfortunately!
I had a few more digs throughout the race, making sure I didn’t let anything get too far up the road but in the end the race was too fast for any breaks to get anywhere so, with the laps whittling down and the time running out, I had one more ‘match’ to burn therefore with 2 to go I was sitting in 3rd and we were close to the right hand gutter. “If I could squeeze through that gap maybe I could jump away and they’d shut the door on each other?”
I jumped and went as hard as I could for as long as I could, knowing I’d either taken nobody or everybody with me.
It was everybody 🙂
I am intrigued to see how I will fair if I wait until the bunch sprint but that’ll be a while coming yet as I’m having too much fun racing the race!



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