August 29, 2013

Free VO2 max Tests All Round!

FREE Power Testing.  In a LAB!

Are you a male road participant, aged between 18 and 45? Do you train >250-300km and/or >10 hours of training per week?
If you own a PowerTap power meter then we need YOU?  If you don’t but you would you like to train with a power meter there may be places left for you too, be nice to me (i.e. buy something on Wiggle via my site) and I’ll put your name forward.
Why you SHOULD volunteer for this:
The University of Greenwich and Kent are jointly conducting a study, which investigates
Cycling Critical Power Field Testing and Cycling Efficiency
They have asked me for participants
The University of Greenwich and Kent are jointly conducting a research study investigating Critical Power Field Testing and Cycling Efficiency.
The main objective is a) to investigate the potential utility of Critical Power Field Testing and b) to assess inter-individual differences in time to exhaustion performance trials.
Critical Power has existed as a concept/’threshold’ for a while but yet has not been applied to its full potential in the world of cycling. This particular study will validate a field test that measures Critical Power.
The order of required tests are as follows:
Test I = Laboratory VO2max test (max duration 1 h)
Test II = Laboratory Critical Power Test (max duration 1.5 h)
‘Test III ‘=  Participants will continue with their regular training, but which has to include maximal efforts of 12 min, 7 min and 3 min durations. On one training day, participants have to perform those efforts in the 12, 7, 3 min order, using a 30 min recovery between efforts. The other data will be collected from efforts of these durations during ‘random’ training sessions. (max duration 3 weeks). Participants are required to download their training data and to send it to the researcher.
Test IV = Laboratory Performance Tests (max 1.5 h)
Durations are provided in terms of time commitment – not testing durations. Participants will perform all training and testing on their personal racing bikes. Testing will be performed at the University of Greenwich, Medway Campus, Centre for Sports Science and Human Performance, ME4 4TB.
When? We will make every attempt to fit the testing around the availability of each participant. This includes weekends and evenings.
What is in it for the participants?
VO2max evaluation and Critical Power value with feedback plus the opportunity to train with a power meter (PowerTap).
Cycle Training
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