November 21, 2012


Loughborough University were recently featured in Cycling Weekly issue dated 8th November 2012 (worth getting hold of).  One area mentioned that we’re often asked about is something called “fatmax”.  Now, this isn’t the biggest size you can balloon to over the winter, instead it shows the exercise intensity (unique to you) at which the maximal amount of fat is used as energy.  If we teach our bodies to use more fat then this leaves us with more glycogen (carbohydrate in the blood stream) when we really need it (the end of a race/a big climb/racing your mates to the cafe etc. etc.).  Oh yeah and we won’t be so fat either!

The Cycling Weekly article states that you can improve your maximal fat oxidation score by up to 40% by training at your fatmax levels.  Well, we haven’t been to the lab so we don’t know our fatmax levels but you can get pretty close by making sure you carry out all of your ride aerobically, take a look at  Be warned it takes a lot of discipline to avoid hammering it on a ride we can tell you!

Anyway, now for the best bit, see team GB carrying out some of these tests at Loughborough right here:

Listen carefully here comes the science bit…

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