September 13, 2012

Easy Weight Loss

We need to use 3500 calories to lose 1 lb (approx half a kilo) of body fat.

If you go out on your bike 3 times a week and use 1000 calories then you’ve used 3000 per week.  Do you really ride 3 times a week, even during holidays, Christmas, when it’s p*ssing down,  when there’s ice on the roads or after heavy snowfall, when you’ve got a cold, hangover, late nights at the office?!  Could it be that your weekly average is less than you think?  What’s more, remember that if you don’t ride then you are still using calories e.g 60 calories sleeping, 80 calories watching TV or 120 calories going shopping so you might be using 900 calories more than normal, not 1000 after all.  Most people  ( other than Bradley Wiggins ) haven’t a hope in hell of using 3500 extra calories every week.  Exercises increases your appetite too so you might start eating more and the worst part about exercise is you’ll start justifying treats/booze/biscuits as you’ve done some exercise!!

Going to the gym is no better; Intelligent people and Bankers bash away day after day at the gym across the nation, before work (skipping breakfast!), after work, in their lunch hours (skipping lunch now, arrrgh it’s just getting worse and worse) even though the maths just doesn’t stack up.  If you went to a restaurant and didn’t eat would you go back?  If you went to the cinema and didn’t see a film would you go every week?  Why is the gym so different?  Why does everyone say they want to lose weight but 1 year later their weight is the same yet they are still a member?.  Well, if we had all the answers then you’d be the first to know and we’d be retired but we’ll have a guess and say that we can control what we do for 1 hour but we have no willpower to be disciplined 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

i.e. we need to address the way we eat.

Then (and only then) it gets very easy.

Nutrition , Weight Loss
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