April 3, 2015

Cyclopark Weekday Masters’ 3rd April

Cyclopark Weekday Masters’ 3rd April

By Barny and Stu.


Barny’s version looks a bit like this:

“It was a busy line up for the latest Cyclopark Weekday Masters race with 2 representatives from team PB poised for a dry yet windy race.

As the whistle blew to roll (sprint) away the pre-race favourite stomped so hard on the pedals he snapped his chain and almost took a tumble.
Plan A: Go go go! Narrowly missing the snake like chain strewn on the tarmac I seized the chance to go hard and get away. As I exited the first hairpin I could see Stu Hodd and Wayne Beba (Adalta) on my wheel. We had a gap, but with so many fresh legs ‘plan A’ lasted less than a full lap.
Plan B: Recover, sit near the front, and watch for attacks. This plan worked very well…until I got bored.
Plan C: Go go go! Halfway through the race, and spurred on by a host of supporters (Paul and family), I chance it and attacked. Twice. On the same lap. I must be a marked man as the whole field press on and shut me down.
Plan D: Recover, sit near the front, and wait for the sprint. This was great until the ‘prime’ lap enthused riders to ping off the front, and the bunch couldn’t seem (or be bothered) to do anything about it. Our hearts said go…the legs said no. Somehow there were now 7 riders up the road (two riders leading with four chasing – one of which, from Pedal Heaven, had apparently attained over 600 points a couple of seasons ago ffs!) and they were staying away. Damn it. I shook my head at the aforementioned supporters. With 2 laps remaining Stu hit the front and drilled it. Passed the bell Stu pressed on hard and had a gap. The bunch eased a little and just as I thought Stu was on for some points until a rival launched it up the inside with Robin Parker (a former South East RR champion) hot on his wheel. It was time to salvage something from this race so I went hard…then hard again…caught the first guy…then Robin…and lunged for the line. 8th place was mine, and the 2 points that go with it. Video footage has Stu crossing the line with head hung low; a reminder this sport often fails to reward it’s bravest participants.”
Stu: “The old gits… Sorry masters race at the cyclopark started as a big field and other than the guys who perhaps should not have been there anyway stayed that way for a while with any breaks being closed quickly. I used lots of energy arguing with some of the old gits (masters) while Barny got on with the job of trying to get away from them! In the end two riders got away with about 5 laps to go then a few others managed it with a couple to go with us missing them all. I found myself off the front at the start of the last lap so set about increasing the gap through the hairpin and bottom corners which went well and I thought I was in for some points but with 250m to go the sprint passed me like I was a back marker with Barny winning the bunch sprint for 7th”


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