March 28, 2015

Cyclopark 234 and 3rds

Cyclopark 234 and 3rds

In the 3rd Cat race, from 58 starters Stu has managed to find photographic evidence that he was among a handful left in the main bunch on his way to 11th!

And here is Andy’s account of his 234 race:

“The plan for this weekend was a training race. Well I didn’t really know which race to enter. The e123 looked brutal, but was down as a maybe as I need some practice for the national masters in may. 160km :-0. Other options were Hillingdon with Paul or the Cyclo park.

In the morning I did the Tri club TT. It was windy, didn’t have the confidence to ride on the bars, treated it like a threshold test. Went off well but the roundabouts and turns put a dent in the power numbers. Breakfast came back to haunt me and I didn’t know where the finish was. Still came 3rd.

Saw Trevor and Stu race at the Cyclopark was surprised to see the bunch blown apart in both the 3rds and 4ths races. The wind having an effect. Got warmed up properly as I was expecting a break from the off in the 234. Bungled getting clipped in and started near the back. Went with every break, some promising, there was no cooperation so they all failed. With 2 laps to go too many piled into the first of the 90degree lefts at the bottom of the track. The guy in front of me clipped a pedal and “went bronco” a brief safari across the grass and we’d lost contact with the group. Chased back on up the straight and back near the front of the bunch. 3riders had got away. Rounded the last few corners on the front of the bunch and sprinted for the line. Didn’t have the legs after chasing back on, six went by me, came 10th.

Thanks to Barney for the encouragement from the side of the track, and for finding out my place at the end.”

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