May 10, 2015

SERRL 3/4 Biddenden

SERRL 3/4 Biddenden

Sun 10th May

By Alex.

The SERRL Biddenden cat 3/4 race was pretty good Stu and myself held good position in the group all race. The pace was mega! Average was 25mph, the circuit was great too, pretty flat with some really nice tarmac too.

After the Crit at Hove Park on Friday night I realised that positioning is key, especially if everyone is better than me. So my main aim of this race was conserve as much energy as possible and make the most of any that I used. Any breaks that looked good I was bridging too, but the bunch was chasing everything pretty hard.

The race came to a bunch sprint that I finished sixth in, I could have been in a better position for the sprint and definitely could have made my move earlier. So next time, I’m going to familiarise myself with the finish line a bit better, keep thinking and don’t let the red mist ruin my position.

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