Team Race Reports

Want to know how the lads have been getting on in their races?  Then take a look below.  We’re not doing too badly, have a read……

  • SERRL 3/4 Road Race Horsmonden

    Alex crosses line to win Horsmonden 2015By Alex. As a team, we were all over this race! With only Lee, Rich and Me, we were still able to have one of us in every attack and ready to counter anything coming up. We were always perfectly positioned in the bunch, anyone at the front was off the front. All this communication and ... Read full race report
  • London X-League Rd 1. Stamner Park

    Ed stamner park x race 1 sept 2015                                  Temporarily leading the race around lap 3 of 8, closely followed by the eventual winner Rob Purcell By Ed. Weather: sunny Ground conditions: totally dry Race duration 50 mins Key features: (1) long climb (2) twisting section through woodland, perhaps 20-30 turns inc at least 6 hairpins. (3) 3 dismount barriers positioned on a hairpin (4) long flat field section with headwind (road tactics ... Read full race report
  • Hillingdon Wednesday Night Masters’

    Paul Solo BreakLining up at the start of Masters’ race at Hillingdon on Wednesday night I knew I was ticking quite a few of these boxes but that ‘successful breakway’ had eluded me this far. In fact the last time I was in a winning breakaway I was racing in a 3rd/4th Category race but here there ... Read full race report
  • World Masters’ Road Cycling Championships

    Paul race number croppedAartselaar, South of Antwerp, Belgium Sun 2nd August 2015   I have never had so much adrenaline running through my veins as I did at 12.15pm on Sunday. Neither had I ever felt my heart pounding against my ribcage quite like this. The race hadn’t even started; I was just sitting on the start line! The day before ... Read full race report
  • Ronde Van Vlaanderen

    Belgium Cornering Oostnieuwkerke July 2015Sun 12th July 2015 Oostnieuwkerke This was my first UCI 1.12B Kermesse in nearly a year and last time I only lasted 20 mins (of the 100+ km race). I have only actually ever finished 1 of the 15 or so Kermesses that I’ve ridden at this level and this report should go some way to ... Read full race report
  • Benenden Sandhurst 234 Road Race

    Paul Benenden Sandhurst Andy (After 5 mins): “Fast start isn’t it?” Alex (After 30 mins): “Hard isn’t it?” Barny (After 90 mins): “How’s it going Paul?”.  Me: “I’m on my knees but kind of enjoying it”.  Barny: “What bit of this is enjoyable?”   This was the extent of the conversations I was physically capable of engaging in with my team mates ... Read full race report
  • Cyclopark Thurs Night E12 Crits

    AndyBy Andy Just came 4th in the e12 at the Cyclopark. Managed to stay away for 2 full laps mid race. Was also in a good break with the guy that went on to win it. He went again with 3 to go and soloed it for the win. Saw him go, regret not following him, ... Read full race report
  • Dunsfold Masters’

    Paul and Steve Dunsfold MastersBy Steve, Having started in my previous races to try and get away or get in a breakaway (unsuccessfully as yet) and having such a great racing experience in the process, (i will be successful one day), Paul suggested a race plan in which he would take me off the front or ride across if i ... Read full race report