Meet The Team

If you're prepared to ride your heart out for both your own result and that of your team mates every time you race then maybe there's a place for you here too. Come and meet the team.......



Team Leader and Coach, Paul prefers to get his head kicked in over in Belgium than ride a local road race because at 90kg he’d happily drive to the other side of the world to find a flat race!


Barny Nat RR Champs

Despite being too small to provide any of his team mates with any shelter, Barny still knows how to lay down the power and has been a 2nd Cat for several years now.



With half his bodyweight in his thighs, Andy can hit power to weight ratios that most people can only dream of (and then bore you with the data for days on end).



A Lover of mud and winter racing, Ed’s natural habitat is either a winter series, a mountain bike race or cyclocross and nearly always at the front.



When he’s not shopping at Rapha or Assos, Lee is usually found at the front of the peloton causing everyone huge amounts of discomfort.



Awesome Time-Triallist Stu has gone so quick in recent years that most of his hair has blown away but shh don’t say anything as he’s trying to keep it quiet on the dating websites by wearing a helmet in all his pics.



When’s he’s not inventing a device to make roller riding harder (!) Chris divides his time between mud and tarmac, sometimes lying on either or both!



Grandfather Steve is too old and too fat to be a cyclist but luckily nobody has told him and incredibly he wins races that way.


Alex wins Cyclopark March 2015

‘Modest’ Alex stated that he’d win his first race and did which is why we love having him on our team!

Chris H


Chris H’s hobbies read like a who’s who of cycling: road racing, circuit racing, triathlon, time trialling, mountain biking, single speed, folding bike riding, track cycling and motorcycling. It is no wonder he has a related hobby: Spending time in A and E. Cursed only by the words on his cotton cap and photo-bombed only by Chris C, here he is looking resplendent in his new team kit. And then the race began…..

Rich B


3 times South African Master’s National Track Champ, Rich B managed to gain 2 stone on the way from Johannesburg to London.  When he loses it however, our money is definitely on him!



Justin is the only 55kg cyclist on the planet who can’t climb but luckily, boy can he can sprint, wrapping up his 2nd Cat in his first full season.



Mat with one ‘T’ (oh now you get it) is the first mountain biker to look good doing it (i.e. no flappy clothing), largely helped by his awesome new team kit! Welcome aboard Mat 😉


Dave Benenden Cranbrook Mar 2017

Talented climber Dave brings strength and experience to our team this year but he’s a northerner so you can’t have it all.