Meet The Team

If you're prepared to ride your heart out for both your own result and that of your team mates every time you race then maybe there's a place for you here too. Come and meet the team.......



Team Leader and Coach, Paul prefers to get his head kicked in over in Belgium than ride a local road race because at 90kg he’d happily drive to the other side of the world to find a flat race!



With half his bodyweight in his thighs, Andy can hit power to weight ratios that most people can only dream of (and then bore you with the data for days on end).


Steve Belgium

Grandfather Steve is too old and too fat to be a cyclist in theory but luckily he’s also a hard b*stard and it turns out that’s how you win a race in only your second year of competing.



When he’s not shopping at Rapha or Assos, Lee is usually found at the front of the peloton causing everyone huge amounts of discomfort.


Euros 16 Rich B 2

3 times South African Master’s National Track Champ, Rich managed to gain 2 stone on the flight from Johannesburg to London. Either racing in the UK is tougher or power-to-weight might actually be relevant in this game after all!!


Alan Belgium

Alan can put out 800 Watts for as long as his dream goes on for. Strongman and all-round decent bloke, when he stops riding near the back he’ll start finishing near the front and not in first-aid.


Michael Dunsfold

Tree-hugging mountain biker Michael reluctantly traded in his baggy shorts last year and has since demonstrated huge potential as a roadie and if Strava mattered in any way whatsoever he’d already be the world champion.


Stuart Dunsfold

Super strong Stuart likes cycling as much as he likes holidays and when he decides which one he wants to be best at he’ll either be an amazing road racer or have a fantastic (full body) tan.


Jeremy Dunsfold

Masters’ rowing champion Jeremy has successfully transferred his huge lungs to the sport of cycling. The only problem currently is there aren’t too many corners to practice in a boat race.


Mark Dunsfold

With an upper body that is more WWF than UCI, we like to follow Mark in a headwind, if we can keep up of course!